He took them with Him and they withdrew by themselves. – Luke 9:10

Is there anything more intimate than slipping away to be alone with someone? In the quiet, you can whisper secrets and share your heart. Here is where you’ll find that you are comfortable or most uncomfortable. Jesus fed five thousand AFTER He had slipped away. (Luke 9:10-17). Elijah turned the widow into an oil mogul AFTER he had slipped away. (IKings 17:5-16).

Don’t look for every ‘slip away’ experience to be identical. Just as you don’t always have to repeat the same sequence with your best friends, sometimes its a game, it may be the mall, or it could be dinner, true friends don’t need words, music or food to ensure a good time. The simplicity of your presence is fulfillment enough. Just BE there.

In the beginning, please know that its not unusual to be distracted in prayer or to become fatigued in worship. However, in order to be of any ample spiritual stature, you must first grow in prayer. You can do this in the same way that you would submit to an exercise regimen at your local gym. Begin a workout program and gradually increase the number of reps, amount of weights or length of cardiovascular exercise. Any honest prayer or praise warrior will admit that they had to build up their stamina in prayer and worship by engaging in a regular, consistent routine. If you will commit to a graduating system, this week, carving out five minutes a day of concentrated, alone time with the lover of your soul and next week, ten minutes a day, before you know it, you will be looking at your watch wondering “where did the time go?”


March 05, 2014 @03:40 am
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February 06, 2014 @10:42 am
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December 19, 2013 @05:00 am
Pagodas recent adieetvsrment is claiming that their PIP program is better than other native English programs because they utilize Gyopo teachers. With the recent influx of Korean decedents or Gyopos returning back to their homeland, many of the top language hagwons (Pagoda, CDI, and YBM ect) started to notice that some of these teachers can be better instructors due to their fluencies in both languages. This is a necessity when students are studying for tests such as TOEFL or the SAT's because every sections of the test can be clarified on the spot in their own native tongue whereas, other foreign teachers may just skip pass the sections due to language barriers. As an ex-recruiter for foreign teachers, I'm sorry to say that we used to hire Caucasians merely for marketing purposes and for their skin colors. Mothers in Korea have this idea that only Caucasian teachers can properly teach English but as an owner of a hagwon, I know it all depends on the persons skills and better if they are fluent in Korean. This doesn't necessarily mean that I won't hire a Caucasian because I will always cater to what my consumers demand. Andressa
September 12, 2013 @05:27 am
My opinion of Pagoda adtenvisirg is that the ad team in charge there has had their fingers on the pulse of the nation's youth for more than 2 years, and beautifully times their big campaigns to coincide with and build upon developing (not prevailing) attitudes among those in their younger demographic range. That team is able to think critically, speculate accurately, and maintain a seemingly constant awareness of shifting trends and moods. I salute them for their perspicacity, and envy them their freedom to act. I doubt the advertiser, or Pagoda management, care one whit for what those developing attitudes might be - just that they can capitalize on them. That is the function of advertisement after all: Attract - by any means necessary. Incidentally, the Direct English ad is quite old and as such is not really directly comparable to the recent PiP ad in terms of being a reflection of their current strategy, or which gender they are targetting. The Direct English ad appeared during a period where the most common student complaint was large class sizes and the resulting difficulty in speaking directly to the instructor. Students began analysing class sizes and determining the average number of minutes or seconds they would have speaking and interacting with the instructor versus their fellow students. The PiP ad appeared this summer and the attitudes appearing now are a growing preference for Korean instructors - who, it is believed, care more, teach more professionally, and with proper training (like at the Pagoda nearest you) will be able to speak and teach 'Better than Native. ' No sex required. Lovely

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