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With Pastor Dan Willis


He took one look at my shoes and shouted “I’ve found the weapons of mass destruction!” Recently I had the pleasure of taping the cable tv show “I’m Just Saying” with Pastor Dan Willis. The love and hospitality in the studio was bar none! When I extended my hand to greet Renee, the woman who met us at the door, she embraced me. That warmth seemed to line the walls on the set of Pastor Dan’s show. Everybody was hugging, hi-fiving and making jokes and it was all genuine. I love the way they treated me but I really appreciate the way they treated the people I brought with me. You can tell a lot about people by who they deem worthy of kindness. I’M JUST SAYING. You know I’m no stranger to making tv appearances. In my tenure, I have seen the biggest tv personalities clam up and shut down as soon as they hear the words “that’s a wrap!” Not so much as a thank you and you dare not ask for photo. Pastor Dan had me cracking up. He teased me about my “Jersey accent” and declared himself my number one “white boy fan!” You can catch the show here






“Dancin In The Street”

September was packed with travel, performances and I even managed to have a little fun and do a little sight-seeing. I have sung about it many times but it was a distinct honor to actually “dance in the streets” of Hitsville USA, Motor City, Detroit, MI







Special thanks to the Hospitality Committee at Union Baptist Church in Passaic, NJ. My band and I had big fun SINGING, DANCING and EATING with you guys. See a video clip Winceycomusic at Union Baptist in Passaic



October promises to be an exciting month! My sister and I have written a compelling stage play about the spirit realm. Sound eerie? I promise it’s not. Have you ever wondered what causes different things to happen in your life? If you answered “yes”, come find out. “Are You Sleeping?” is about a group of ordinary people like you and me whose lives take sudden turns they could never have seen coming — or could they? Are you sleeping? Come find out. Here’s your wake up call.





Follow me on Twitter.com/winceycomusic for a chance to win free tickets!


October 20, 2012
Doors open at 5:00 pm
Pleasantville High School
701 Mill Rd
Pleasantville, NJ 08232
Tickets & more info contact Briggitte 973-348-9280
Take Me To The King
If you got in my car right now, you’d hear Tamela Mann singing “All To Thee” or the more popular “Take Me To The King” so you can imagine my excitement when I got the call confirming that I had been added to the list of performers for the October 27th event hosted by WEHA in Atlantic City








Tune into to WEHAgospel887.com Saturday, October 27th at 9am for my live interview

with DJ Thelma Witherspoon


This Sunday

October 14th

4:00 pm

Catch me at the


Grace Assembly Church

201 Atlantic Ave

Atlantic City, NJ 08401











The Winceyco cast & crew had an awesome time in Atlantic City, NJ last week. We performed in every elementary school in the district – a total of 17 anti-bully assembly programs.


Winceyco Bully Show Cast

Music Teacher Loves Winceyco. Hear her comment







October 26, 2016 @07:36 am
Im obliged for the blog article. Keep writing. Toby
December 11, 2013 @02:48 am
Good point. I hadn't thoghut about it quite that way. :) Alan
September 12, 2013 @11:40 pm
Hi Cathryn and AndrewLovely to see the photos of you and the boys on here. You acllauty look so well on here all of you but we will continue to pray for you Andrew to be fully healed so that you can continue your joint ministry together. I hope that Sunday is a wonderful day for you all a chance to really celebrate God's goodness even at a difficult time. Much love to you all and all God's blessings in this new yearBecky Mira

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